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Talking Pictures

Autistic people often have great difficulty communicating and expressing themselves. They need, more than others, tools to manage their daily lives. Picto is the digital companion for people suffering from autism syndrome. With our hardware and software, Picto reduces frustration and difficult situations in families. We enable language development and growth in communication skills.

for Parents

With a separate app you have full control over your child’s device. Both devices are interconnected via Picto. The parent interface acts as a supervisor. Configure your child's interface and keep it simple for their use.


The parent version of the Picto App will be available for both iOS and Android.


for Children

To maximise the experience the children interface should be used on a tablet. We offer a solid case Picto-Tablet incorporating the app in your desired color.


The child version of the Picto App is optimized for tablets and will be available for iOS, Android and our own Picto-Tablet.

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